November 3, 2018

About Us

As we did elsewhere in the world, Knanayites stepped into the Persian Gulf also a long time ago.
Way back in 1990, few Knanaya Catholics in Abu Dhabi met and decided to conduct a family get-together. Similarly,
members of the Knanaya Catholic community at Sharjah Dubai, Al Ain, and Ras Al Khaimah also joined together and
conducted get-together. Periodic meetings of all these units are being held regularly and all the units are now
functioning effectively.

In order to coordinate the activities of all these five unit,s we have formed the KNANAYA CATHOLIC COORDINATION
COMMITTEE-UAE, in 1998. Under the leadership of this committee, for the past seven years, we conduct get-
together every year in one of the Emirates, as a full day event. The basic objective of this meeting is to enable the
Knanaya Catholics living all around UAE to know each other and to promote cultural and traditional programs of the

Similar units were also established in other countries of the Middle East with get-togethers and other activities
happening in full fledge.
It was the long cherished desire of all the Knanaya Catholics all over the Middle East to come under a common
umbrella for effective coordination and to promote our unity and heritage. This dream has come true in the form of

THE KNANAYA CATHOLIC CONGRESS MIDDLE-EAST (KCCME) was formed on January 21, 2005, on the occasion of
the Knanaya Catholics Middle East Convention, held at Ajman, UAE with the blessings of our then Coadjutor Bishop
Mar Mathew Moolakkatt OSM, and the presence of Sri.Thampi Erumelikara the then General Secretary of Knanaya
Catholic Congress.

It was formed as an independent body, chaired by the then Chief Coordinator of Knanaya Catholics Coordination
committee-UAE, Mr.Abraham Raju Oril and was attended by the Presidents and members of other units in the Middle
East countries.

The Units affiliated to this Committee are:

1) Abu Dhabi

2) Sharjah

3) Dubai

4) Al Ain

5) Ras Al Khaimah

6) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)-Eastern Province (Dammam)

7) KSA-Riyadh

8) KSA-Jeddah

9) Kuwait

10) Qatar

11) Bahrain

12) Sultanate of Oman

The Aim and objectives of the KCCME are:

1) To strengthen our brotherly-hood amongst Knanayates living in the Gulf region.

2) To cherish our Knanaya Culture and to pass on our heritage to our up-coming generation, and

3) To interact with our Bishop house and other Units around the world.

We want to further strengthen our aims and objectives for the betterment and preservation of the culture and
heritage of thousands of expatriate Knanayites living and working in the Middle East.