November 3, 2018

KCC Riyadh (KSA)


“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity” (Psalm 133:1)

When we turn the pages of Riyadh Knanaya Community, we get  the reminiscence of a few people who spent their evenings in dates farms in the outskirts of Riyadh, engaging themselves in conversation related to our community under the leadership of our beloved veteran Joy Kuzhianparambil in 1988. Later they nominated a few members and thus Riyadh Knanaya Association came into existence.

Their vigour and unity got germinated and Riyadh Knanaya Committee has turned out to be the paradise with various trees having the sweetest fruits. Today we gather in luxurious halls for the meeting in a year minimum three times . Another striking feature of our meeting is that it is treasure house numerous cultural activities which make us spell bound and we are glued to the chair for its magnificence and thrills. Besides we also conduct educational classes, seminars, quiz competition , sports and games and priority is given to the discussions on Knanaya Samudayam

Undoubtedly,  we  feel that our activities make especially the youth of Riyadh profit a lot and we lead them to the track to propagate all the values and religious traditions and practices of our community so that they remain as Knananites forever.

Another specialty of our association is that for last many years, the committee members are elected by secret ballots.

Furthermore our association enables us to have deeper relation with each and every Knanaya Makkal and we continue to experience the same love, affection care and concern in the days to come.

To Conclude we borrow the basic principles of all Knanaya Makkal  KANUMO, HUNDUVIL POYALUM, BANDANGAL VERPEDATHORKKANAM EPPOZHUM

Office Bearers

Mr. Shaiju Mulayanikkal


Mr. James Phillip Padinjattumyalil


Mr. Stephen Joseph Tharayil


Mr. Tom Mathew Chamakkalayil


Mr. Jaison Abraham Elavamkuzhyil